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Lifting & Your Back Test 

1. Back injuries are the most common work-related medical problem in the U.S.
2. There is nothing anyone can do to prevent back injuries.
3. Which of the following might be considered a contribting factor for back injuries?
4. Sitting in one position for long periods of time does not place any stress on the back.
5. Which is one way to keep the amount of strain on your back as low as possible?
6. Keeping your feet close together shows good body mechanics.
7. It is better for your back if you allow your legs to do the work by bending at the knees while lifting.
8. It is best to avoid twisting at the waist when carrying or lifting a heavy load.
9. When carrying a heavy load, you want the heaviest part of the load to be the furthest from your body.
10. Taking frequent breaks can be beneficial to your back when sitting for long periods of time.

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